During my entire 4 years at Quicken Loans, I have worked on an internal product used by tens of thousands of our team members. Much of what I worked on cannot be discussed in detail but I have had a ton of really great opportunities to work on so many different projects related to this project. Because of this, I wanted to document, to the level I can, how my skills have grown in these areas and how I contributed to the overall success of these projects.

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Quicken Loans was where I received my first official leadership title. After just 2 short years, half of that being as an intern, I moved into leadership. This role has taught me more than I could have possibly imagined. I built a team from the ground up. I created our mission, I started developing people in their respective areas. I started learning how to take myself out of the day-to-day operations and focus on the strategic, big-picture objectives we were or needed to be working towards.

Since my early days as a leader, I have tripled my teams size as responsibilities continued to grow. That meant learning how to hire, onboarding team members new to the entire organization, and instilling culture. This was at a point where we were in the thick of several high-visibility projects reporting to various levels of senior leadership. This role has been extremely challenging at times but has taught me a lot and solidified my passion for leading people.

Project Management

With the product being used by thousands of people each and every day and representing millions of page views each month, every project we worked on required an extreme attentiveness to detail and communication to make sure everyone was in the know.

One major project was the rewriting of all of our content within the product. This was a multi-department project that I co-led. Throughout this project, I communicated weekly on the status of our rewrite, set and reviewed timelines, made hundreds of decisions with all stakeholders, understood risks, and worked with outside consultants to ensure the project was successful.

Additionally, through leadership, I have helped various team members on my team lead successful projects acting as a resource for timelines and communication. Though, in most cases, I am not the owner of these projects, I oversee deliverables and provide direction and feedback on the project as a whole.

Content Strategy

Since we work on a product centered around digital content, there is a large amount of content strategy work that my team and I execute on. Parts of this field, because of the parallels with User Experience, were familiar while others were very new. This required me to get up to speed quickly and not only understand the full scope but to then relay that information and develop team members. One specific area that exemplifies this is our taxonomy. This was a deliverable I knew about but had never executed on and it forced me to dig deep and learn all I could. That dedication led to the successful creation of a holistic taxonomy that will ensure we are set up for efficient, future-proof growth.

User Experience

responsibilities from that first day. Throughout my time, I have spent hundreds of hours shadowing, conducting interviews on the product, reviewing usage data, and designing potential solutions to the various problems our users were facing. I strive to always keep the user at the forefront of our decisions and making sure that any features we are working on with our technology team will benefit our users.