This is a little series I’m doing on my blog to talk about different experiences I have with the various companies and products I interact with on any given week. Each week I pick one company or product that’s killing it and one that might need a little work.

This week we’re discussing Apple and PayPal.

Apple Store App

Let me start out by saying I am an Apply fanboy through and through. It’s actually embarrassing how many boxes I have sitting around from old and new Apply products. You know you’re doing something right when people don’t even want to throw away the box you ship your products in.

I’ve bought a couple products through Apple’s dedicated store app and it’s incredibly simple. I have an Apple card as well and the entire shopping experience, all the way to delivery, is so seamless and transparent.

One of the things I love about Apple is with your iCloud account, they know the devices you have. When you open the application, it has Apple’s most recent product launch up top and some other ads, unsurprisingly, but right below those is the option to shop by your device. It’s so simple but makes the browsing experience so easy as opposed to having to search and then filter out by your model and relying on detailed listing pages to make sure what you’re buying is the right one.

After buying, the order is then directly placed on the top of the application to provide immediate visibility into its progress. Now, I know this isn’t groundbreaking, but it’s all integrated so nicely and updates are provided as soon as they are available. This isn’t the case for all companies and with the popularity of Prime, it’s probably not that exciting. However, I’ve had plenty of not so great buying experiences that I feel the need to appreciate how simple Apple’s is.


Now, on the other side, this week’s not so great experience is on PayPal. Over the past week, I had to set up a PayPal account to facilitate money transfer for some folks at work for a gift we were getting a fellow team member. I don’t like having my bank account attached to a bunch of different apps if I have no intention of continued use so I looked to remove it after the gift was bought. That was easier said than done…

In attempting to remove my account, it gave me an error and said I needed to contact an representative. No problem. I reached out and they told me that I needed to fill out some important details regarding my profile before I could remove the bank account. Keep in mind, I was doing this all on my phone at this point. I tried filling out the necessary details which involved e-signing some things and uploading a picture. But, I couldn’t even make it past step 1. The app on my phone refused to properly load the camera. I switched to my iPad to try and get this done and in logging in, I couldn’t even find the notification that I needed to fill out some more information.

Long story short, my bank account is still attached to my PayPal profile because I couldn’t get anything to work and the representative, while extremely friendly and willing to help, was unable to do anything. It was very frustrating not only to not have things working as they should but to have the experiences between phone and tablet so different. I’m personally a big fan of consistency. If it can’t, and there are plenty of places that aren’t the same, it should still show the necessary information and be an intuitive experience for your end user.